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Winter Moose Tote Bag


Artwork by Wendy Johnson
.: 100% Polyester
.: Boxed corners
.: Black cotton handles
.: Black lining
.: Available in 2 Sizes

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Winter Moose Tote Bag

Winter Moose Tote Bag is practical, high-quality Tote Bag is available in two sizes. All over print provides comfort with style at the beach or out in town. Made from reliable materials, lasting for seasons. Original Artwork by Wendy Johnson.

Medium Large
Height, in 16.02 17.99
Length, in 16.02 17.99
Width, in 3.15 3.15
Handle height, in 11.81 11.81
Handle width, in 1.00 1.00


.: 100% Polyester
.: Boxed corners
.: Black cotton handles
.: Black lining

Moose are one animal that doesn’t hibernate during the winter months. They are able to find food all winter.  Moose tend to roam around in river valleys, logged areas, burns and wetlands.  They are most active at dawn and dusk. Their insulated fur allows them to tolerate very cold conditions. Their long legs can navigate snow up to 36 inches deep, although they prefer to hang out in the forest where there is greater cover.

Unlike most other deer species, moose do not form herds and are solitary animals. However, their calves remain with their mother until the cow begins estrus (typically at 18 months after birth of the calf), at which point the cow chases them away.

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