Vedder Morning Sunrise



Photographed by Brad Koop
Mediums: Photoboard, Metal, and Archival Paper



Vedder Morning Sunrise

Vedder Morning Sunrise by Brad Koop

Mediums: Photoboard, Metal, and Archival Paper


There are few things I enjoy more than an early morning paddling cruise along the Sumas and Vedder Rivers, especially on a workday. When the sun comes up at five am, it means I can be on the water to enjoy the scenery and still get back on the highway to be at work for seven am. It is a gloriously meditative way to start my day. At this time of year, the rivers are flush with meltwater coming from the surrounding mountains. The water levels may rise, but the turbidity drops, and the rivers become calm, flowing, mirror-like surfaces made for gliding along in a kayak. This serene setting also made it possible for me to be able to bring out my camera and be very selective about the composition I was looking for. I could paddle into position, clip my paddle to the side of the boat, and set up to take multiple shots as I floated through the zone. Nothing was rushed. Even the ripples raised getting there would ebb away before I needed to start shooting. An absolutely perfect way to start the day.

Sizes and Substrates

Medium Size Price Shipping Medium Size Price Shipping
Photo board 16 x 24 $160 Free Fuji Crystal DPII Paper (Matte) 12 x 18 $67 TBD
20 x 30 $240 Free 16 x 24 $80 TBD
24 x 36 $295 Free 20 x 30 $120 TBD
Di-Bond Aluminum 12 X 18 $215 TBD 24 x 36 $147 TBD
16 X 24 $295 TBD 28 x 42 $175 TBD
20 x 30 $425 TBD 32 x 48 $227 TBD
24 X 36 $505 TBD


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Additional information

Dimensions 8 × 10 in

Photoboard, Di-Bond Aluminum, Fuji Crystal DPII Paper (Matte)


12×18, 16×24, 20×30, 24×36, 28×42, 32×48


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