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The Kelp Tango



Watercolour on Canvas
Measures at 11 x 14
Cards Available
Created by Nan Newman

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The Kelp Tango

The Kelp Tango is a Watercolor 11×14 unframed original artwork

This is an imaginative piece of Bull Kelp and one little Starfish. A Happy Tide change has just happened, meanwhile the cool current has began to tug at the long hair of the kelp. Certainly, the water color is a wonderful medium for this form of artwork.


Nan Newman is a Member of the Abbotsford Water Media Society.

In addition, she instructs tutorial Classes in Acrylic & Watercolor HOFA Abbotsford. Meanwhile, her private commission subject matter include pet portraits, and private homes.

Nan uses Romantic Impressionistic art style. She paints, landscapes, seascapes, and vintage roses adorn weathered worn shacks. Most importantly, her beloved black cat Harley is imprinted in many of her whimsical warm colored stories.

Nan paints images from reality and her imagination. Certainly, both brings her art to life with hopes of making someone smile who might be sad. However, her her trees are twisted and the use of pinks are over used, she knows it!  Above all, she is a selftaught artist and continues to paint all the beautiful areas around Abbotsford, B.C.
Award Winning, AWMS 2019
Accomplished seller within the FVWM, Society Fall and Spring Shows 2020
Abbotsford Newspaper showcased her painting ‘Miss Haida’ 2021

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Dimensions 11 × 14 in


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