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Taking Flight


-30 inches x 30 inches x .5 inch
-Black frame
-Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Sandra Marshall

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Taking Flight

Taking Flight is an Acrylic Painting 30″ x 30″ x .5″ wrapped canvas with black frame.


From a very early age my passion has been creating art and appreciating the work of other artists.  Designing and developing a work of art, then seeing it come to life on paper or canvas brings me such joy.

Until recently my work was mainly in charcoal and watercolour.  I attended some community programs that focused on techniques using watercolour but did not receive formal training.

At first, I started painting with professional acrylic paints in 2018 and appreciate how versatile they are to work with.  I am learning more about this medium and improving my skills through the Ginger Cook Academy of Fine Arts.

The style of paintings I enjoy is varied but generally my preference leans towards realism.  A subject with bright colours and light, as well as fine details and textures, will catch my eye every time.  I love putting the first layer of paint on a blank canvas and watching as the landscape, family pet or still life begins to develop.  It is both challenging and rewarding every time I pick up a brush and start to create what surely will be a masterpiece.

Although all of images are color compatible for viewing online, most computer monitors vary in their color configurations. The images that you see may not have accurate color representation.

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Dimensions 30 × 30 × .5 in


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