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Painted by Carol Kent
Matted and framed in a distressed grey studio frame
Measuring 12×12 inches.
Pastel Pencils on Pastelmat
Fine Art Original

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Skepticism is painted with Pastel Pencils on Pastelmat. It is matted and framed in a distressed grey studio frame measuring 12×12 inches.
The colors are lovingly layered with increasingly lighter hues to produce the feeling of depth and highlights in the piece.  When needed, some hard edges are blended to appear softer. Others are outlined in black ink to have them stand out from the rest of the piece.

The Owl

The expression in this Great Horned Owl’s eye, certainly says it all. I was drawn to this image because it felt as if he doesn’t believe our empty promises of saving the planet. He quietly sits, listens and watches all we do and wisely infers that humans have a long way to go before they can change the world. Most importantly, his forests are disappearing and his future is uncertain. He observes from his perch in a tall Spruce tree hidden from all beneath him. The moonlight glitters off his beautifully complex feathering. I wanted to maximize the appearance of the owl being surrounded in a safe haven, high among the branches in the dark of night.


I come from a family of artists.  My Great Grandmother was a successful artist who had her work showcased in Boston in the early 30’s.  She has left her legacy to most of her descendants with just about all her grandchildren having some degree of artistic abilities.  Whether it be with painting, photography or textile art, we certainly all seem driven to put our mark on the world, small as it may be.

I was born in Toronto but moved to the Maritimes when I was a child.  Living in rural New Brunswick for the bulk of my life has encouraged my creative instincts.  For as long as I can remember, I have been drawing, painting and creating. With family and career taking up the majority of my time and energy I hadn’t been able to focus on my art as a ‘real thing’ until after I retired and most of the children had fled from the nest.  That was in February 2021.

Art Career

I am extremely fortunate to be able to dedicate myself to my art now full time. I am constantly learning and challenging myself to improve. However, when I discovered Pastel Pencils, something clicked and I haven’t looked back. I currently sell commissioned pet portraits as my bread and butter and paint wildlife portraits with every available free moment. I strive for realism but also want to make sure my work is identifiable as a painting. It gives me great joy to be able to bring life to a blank page.

In the past year, I have illustrated for a children’s book. In addition, I am currently in the process of publishing my own book highlighted with my illustrations. If all goes well, it will be in publication this fall. I have donated pieces to the local animal shelter and to our local Ukrainian group in neighboring Saint John, NB to help raise funds. You can check out my work on my Facebook page Animal Portraits by Carol. I am working on setting up my own tiny gallery in a shop in my home, but I would love to see my work on display in a professional gallery at some point.

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Dimensions 12 × 12 in


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