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Sheringham Point Coastline



18 inch x 24 inch x 0.75 inch
Acrylic on canvas.
On Vancouver Island near a lighthouse.


Sheringham Point Coastline

18″ x 24″ x 0.75″ acrylic on canvas.

This coast line was on Vancouver Island near a lighthouse.


I was born in Edmonton, Alberta November 18th,1946. I grew up on a small farm with my three brothers and two sisters. We enjoyed a quiet life where our playground was nature. Helping my parents tend to the animals and the fields at planting and harvest. I attended the same grade school for 13 years in Kinuso, Alberta.

After graduation, began my nurses training in Edmonton, Alberta. I married my grade 12 sweetheart after I graduated from nursing in 1968. I then began a 36 year nursing career. We have two boys, who are now adults with their own families. (four grandchildren).

After retiring, art naturally became a hobby, as I have always had a desire to paint. I began collecting photos and formulating ideas for paintings. I had no formal training for painting I now had lots of time available. By triaI and error, I began by copying nature and learning how to mix color. I watched several T.V. art programs for ideas and methods which helped a lot. Today, I am still passionate about painting and hope to continue improving for as long as I live.


Since I got my first box of paint in grade school, I have wanted to paint. It was no surprise to my husband or myself that once I retired from Nursing, I would pursue my passion to paint pictures. By age 45 I had the time, our boys were grown, I had a space to set up my painting supplies, so I began in earnest.

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Dimensions 18 × 24 × .75 in


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