Red Dragon



Printed on 100lb Card stock
Digital painting by Tobias Vyseri

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Red Dragon

Red Dragon is digitally painted and printed on 11 x 17, 100lb card stock

Nothing too off the beaten path here, just a big ol’ fierce fire-breathing dragon! With some excited (or frightened) faeries either running or dancing!


I’ve always loved artwork. Spending long hours on the internet just admiring other people’s art. And my margins in class would always be full of doodles.

I got heavily into Japanese animation. It was then I determined that the end all be all of artwork was to draw for a comic.

I wrote and illustrated my own webcomic for two years after high school. Around the end of the comic I had started getting really into the gaming scene, Magic: the Gathering, in particular. The artwork was very enchanting and breathtaking.

I shifted my goals from “comic artist” to “card artist” and began a number of projects related to card game illustration, as well as shifting to a more realistic style.

Currently I maintain an online business selling my work on various cards and board games, in addition to my very exciting job of travelling the world adjudicating Magic: the Gathering tournaments.

Although all of images are color compatible for viewing online, most computer monitors vary in their color configurations. The images that you see may not have accurate color representation.

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Dimensions11 × 17 in


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