Red Canoe


Acrylic on Canvas
Measures at 16 x 20
Created by Wendy Palmero

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Red Canoe

Acrylic on Canvas measuring 16 inches x 20 inches

During a plein-air competition in Elora Ontario, I snapped a photo of this scene. During a walk around the town and across the bridge, you will find this spot. If you had looked at this scene as I did, you would not have thought too much about it, but when I got home, I was fascinated by the contrasts of the well-conditioned canoe contrasted by industrial old building. It seemed like an odd place for the little canoe and I could not stop thinking about it. Did someone live in this building, and own the canoe? Did someone just happen to row down to this site and stop for an afternoon? Either way, the composition’s main character is the boat on the rippling water.  The composition “supporting characters”, the ladder, the wall with rust dripping, the delicately drawn curtain, move your eye around the painting and back to the Canoe.

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Dimensions16 × 20 in


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