Pretty In Pink Suncatcher


Size – 7″ wide X 11″ length
Created by Sonia Hrybko



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Pretty In Pink Suncatcher

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Size – 7″ wide X 11″ length
When I first saw the large pink rectangle bead, I knew I had to create a piece around it.  I wanted a soft sparkly subtler piece that takes a bit to discover all the different little beads in the lines.
Made from driftwood, sea glass, prisms, and crystals as well as glass beads.
Pretty in Pink Suncatcher by Glass artist, Sonia Hrybko.


Sonia has been creating wind chimes and sun catchers for a number of years now. The materials used being primarily driftwood, glass & crystal beads, deconstructed vintage jewelry, sea glass and bells. She loves the process of finding that special feature bead, (or stick or sea glass) and seeing what inspires her from there.

She grew up on northern Vancouver Island surrounded and inspired by nature.  However, she has lived on the lower mainland most of her adult life, and currently lives in Burnaby with her husband and ever helpful cats.

She finds that creating these bright sparkly pieces of whimsical art in her off time help her keep balance in life.

Especially during these last couple of years where everyone is a little more home bound. She finds “creating” to be an amazing and positive outlet. She loves to know that some of her pieces have travelled across Canada and USA. To their new homes and windows of sunshine and light. Every line is always different and unique, and while many pieces are similar in style, no two are the same.

Sonia looks forward to the near future where she can host workshops again. Above all, be around friends and likeminded artists who can create and share in person.

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