Portrait of an Igorot Maiden



Painted by Denis Halliwell
7 1/2 inches by 11 inches
Acrylic on paper

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Portrait of an Igorot Maiden

Portrait of an Igorot Maiden is Acrylic on paper, Portrait, Original, unframed 7 1/2 x 11″

Description: In Philippines the indigenous population lives on. The Igorot Kingdom has existed for thousands of years. These are Mountain people living in Luzon region in the vicinity of Baguio. It is said they fled from lowland areas to escape Spanish persecution. It has a beautiful stained glass background.


Painting is in my blood. My grandfather and great aunt Hazel in Kitchener were amateur painters in both oil and water colours. My two brothers, Michael and David, are galleried artists in Ontario. I’m a retired book publisher and school teacher (learning and communications skills) since 2000.

I began dabbling with paints in 2017 while living in Philippines. Now I am doing serious work which I want to share with others. I live in British Columbia, Philippines and Maine.

I paint portraits, landscapes, and create collages. Spontaneous and by commission. My paintings have been included in shows at the Kariton Gallery/Abbotsford BC, Reach Gallery/Abbotsford, and private showings in Bacolod City, Philippines, Kennebunkport/Maine. My paintings are in private collections in Canada, USA, Italy, Brazil, and Philippines.

I find myself studying and using the styles of many artists. I’ve learned so much about painting by studying and working in a style made famous by Amedeo Modigliani (Italian 1880-1920).

As a beginning painter I find I need to try many styles until I discover what style works best for me. Also I am aware of the tastes in art of my friends and other people.

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Dimensions7 × 10 in


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