Night Watch



12 inch x 16 inch
Acrylic on unframed canvas.
Created by Wendy Johnson

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Night Watch

Elevate your space with a breathtaking piece of wildlife art – a 12″ x 16″ acrylic painting on unframed canvas. “Night Watch,” is a testament to the artist’s unique perspective, focusing on a specific area of a giraffe in a moonlit night setting.

Immerse yourself in the world of giraffes, the tallest mammals on Earth, as depicted in this stunning piece. The moonlight delicately illuminates the giraffe’s face as it stands tall among the trees, engaged in its night watch.


The artist’s love for cropping images to highlight the intricate details of animals adds a personal touch to this acrylic masterpiece. Giraffes, known for their grace and uniqueness, become more than subjects. They are portrayed as sensitive, gentle, social, and friendly beings with three hearts, each playing a vital role in their existence.

However, the artwork goes beyond aesthetics; it serves as a poignant reminder of the alarming decline in giraffe numbers. With only 68,000 remaining in the wild and a staggering 40% decline over the past three decades. The artist sheds light on the “silent extinction” of these remarkable animals.

Bring the spirit of the night watch into your space, celebrating the elegance of giraffes and advocating for their conservation. This unframed acrylic masterpiece is more than art; it’s a powerful statement about the urgency of preserving these gentle giants.


The “Night Watch” image is not confined to this canvas; it also graces other products like Hard Cover Journals and Spiral Notebooks, allowing you to carry the beauty and significance of giraffes into your everyday life.


Wendy is a long time resident of Maple Ridge. Her work with dogs and a love of nature and nature’s animals inspired her to begin a journey into the art world. Starting a bit later in life painting became an outlet for emotions and she leaves a little of herself in each painting. Above all, she is known for capturing the expression, personality, and soul of the animal or pet she is painting. “ The eyes are the window to the soul”

Her paintings have a bit of a different perspective. Most are on black and positioned on the canvas in an interesting way with close ups and cropped images. She began doing commissions of family pets. Then branched out to all forms of animals and wildlife.

Wendy is continually acquiring new skills and learns something new from each painting she does as a result. Her new creative endeavor is to paint trees and forests. She certainly wants to capture the beauty of some of our trees here in BC with a favorite being the Aspen tree. Wendy paints primarily in acrylics but also enjoys pastels, graphite and charcoal.

Although all of images are color compatible for viewing online, most computer monitors vary in their color configurations. The images that you see may not have accurate color representation.

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Dimensions12 × 16 in


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