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My Little Buddy



9″ x 12″
Acrylic on Unwrapped canvas
Karen Knuff

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My Little Buddy by Karen Knuff

I took Otis on walks for about six years. He wasn’t mine, but I treated him like he was. He was a happy doggy, who loved to hear his own voice!

His owners said he didn’t swim, but I decided I was going to teach him…and I did! He turned out to be a great swimmer, and to my great delight, he didn’t bark either! What wonderful relief to my ears!! He loved going on his walks, and we had some great adventures together, but one in particular was not so great!

We were walking on a gravel road, and directly below us, down a steep slope, was the Alouette River. We were talking and not really paying attention to him, when I looked up and realized I didn’t know where he was!! I happened to look down… and there he was, walking across a log that was over the river. In full terror and panic mode, I cried out when I saw a coyote on the other end of the log!!! I yelled and screamed, waved my arms.. desperate to save Otis! Then I saw him walking towards the shore, as the coyote followed him with his eyes. It was a HUGE relief to get him back safely. This was a terribly, frightening experience!!

We shared adventure after adventure…he was “my little buddy.” He died several years later. I grieved as I painted his picture, oh my, lots of tears. This painting was therapeutic to my soul. It was also my very first dog portrait!

9″ X 12″ acrylic unwrapped canvas

About Karen

I discovered that when I’m painting, I no longer feel depressed. I’ve struggled with depression for years. This definitely was the miracle that I desperately needed in my life! When I paint, my depression simply evaporates into thin air for that day.

Where did my creative talent come from? I know that this is God’s gift to me, and what a gift!

I have an art studio in my home in Maple Ridge, BC where I live, and where I paint my pictures.

My father, my aunt, and my grandmother were all artists.

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Dimensions 12 × 12 in


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