Mt. Cheam Range in Snow



– Mt. Cheam Range in Snow
– Photography by Carsten Arnold
– 12″ x 20″
– Canvas Print with 1 1/2″ thick frame
– Semi gloss UV coating and gallery quality finishing

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Mt. Cheam Range in Snow

The Mt. Cheam Range in Chillwack, British Columbia. Mt. Cheam, on the left is the farthest northerly peak of a small group of mountains that dominates the Fraser Valley skyline. Backroads leading to the base of Lady Peak, to the right of Mt. Cheam, is the starting point of the hike up to its peak. I've had the opportunity to accend this mountain on three occassions and have an intimate connection with it. Photographing it from the Fraser Valley below, at night, in the winter, brings out the majesty and beauty of this mountain range. Canvas Print with 1 1/2" thick frame. Semi gloss UV coating and gallery quality finishing - 12" x 20".

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