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Make a Wish


Choose your size between 7.5″ X 5″ to 36″ x 24″.
Some minimal cropping may occur.

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Make a Wish 

Photograph of Blowing Dandelions – Make a Wish I was out on an outing with my family at the Stevenston Pier in Richmond, BC. It was a beautiful day in May. The sky was so blue. I had my son hold up some dandelions and blow them. I love the seeds blowing off in the wind. Who hasn’t spend hours doing that as a kid. Prints range in size from 7.5×5 to 36×24. Minimal cropping may occur.

Choose the finish of the photograph you prefer.
Glossy – Highly reflective photo paper, easily shows fingerprints, no texture, bold and bright colors, may stick to glass, but has great clarity and skin tones.
Matte – Smooth finish photo paper, non-glare, will not easily show fingerprints, and professional looking. Deep matte is a favorite among many photographers.
Lustre – This photo paper is semi-gloss, industry standard and has true to life skin tones. With the slight gloss, it helps enhance the details and colors in the image. The lustre ‘texture’ helps with fingerprints and glare.

Although all of images are color compatible for viewing online, most computer monitors vary in their color configurations and the images that you see may not have accurate color representation.

Photograph of the Blowing Dandelions – Make a Wish was taken by Kelly Cushing in Chilliwack, BC. All rights reserved.

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7.5×5, 12×8, 15×10, 24×16, 30×20, 36×24

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Matte, Lustre, Glossy


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