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John Smith’s Bay, Bermuda



Acrylic on Canvas
20 inches by 24 inches
by Anita Symonds


John Smith’s Bay, Bermuda

John Smith’s Bay, Bermuda is an 20” x 24” acrylic – Pure serenity & a place I’ve contemplated life many times.

I was born in Toronto and moved to Bermuda when I was 19 years old.
Drawing was one of my favorite pastimes when I was growing up. In 1970 a friend bought me paints, canvas and brushes, so I embarked on teaching myself how to paint.  As a single parent with two small children, there wasn’t much time for painting, but  I did whenever I could.  I moved back to Toronto in 1971, then returned to Bermuda in 1988.
In 1989 I remarried and when my husband realized I loved painting, he was a great encouragement.  I acquired a studio/gallery and he promoted my art, which had morphed into lithographic prints of my work, as well as my originals. Eventually the prints were sold throughout the Island in stores, hotels, gift shops, etc.  It was an exciting time, knowing my originals and prints were going to so many countries around the world.
In 2004, because of illness and wanting to be with family, we moved back to Canada and I now call Cultus Lake home.  I love it here, with all its beauty, which is a constant inspiration.
My work has changed greatly over the years.  I’ve moved from trying to recreate a scene accurately to just going in the direction the painting is leading me.  Sometimes there’s no plan at all and I just paint, which can produce some great results and other times paintings which end up in the basement.

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Dimensions 20 × 24 in


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