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Impression of Monet



Painted by Jocelyn Bichard
8 inches by 10 inches
With the Mat 11 inch X 14 inch

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Impression of Monet


Monet is my favorite impressionist despite others actually worked in soft pastel. I love the mood in this painting of a quiet late day sailing in a small boat on the lake. I painted this years ago when I first started and have not wished to part with it until now. Around that time my husband and I first tried sailing and he thought the removable keel was a ruder. Needless to say we both ended up in the lake but his sneakers went down together .We survived thanks to a teen with a speed boat as I blew away while I righted the boat and Nick tried in vain to save our belongings. We had a fun afternoon after we discovered it was a keel.

8X10  soft Pastel on grey Canson paper. Matted 11X14. Ready to Frame


Jocelyn T. Bichard is an internationally known Visual Artist who is based in New Brunswick, Canada. She paints mainly in Watercolor and Pastel.

She has painting since 1992 when she studied Watercolor under Ray Butler and Pastel with Richard Flynn. Jocelyn continues her art education with online courses and books to this day as you can always learn.

Recently, she is experimenting with other media and combining the two. Her exhibit on Masks showcased Watercolor with gold leaf.

When Jocelyn was a Registered Nurse, art started as a hobby. However, now she puts her all into her artistic endeavors.

She has had works for sale in the West Indies, as well as locally. Most importantly, she now has art works in several countries.

Jocelyn works in several genera’s including Florals, Still lives, Portraits, wildlife and landscapes. These can certainly be seen in her blog Beautyinmyworld.blogspot.com. Above all, her aim is to share the beauty she sees with others.  Meanwhile, she hopes to encourages people to look at the beauty in our world with new eyes!

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Dimensions 11 × 14 in


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