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Hope Lives Here


16″ x 20″
Acrylic on Unwrapped canvas
Karen Knuff

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Hope Lives Here by Karen Knuff

When we were in Colombia several years ago, we were having a walk through Nativity Hill, the slums, where people have absolutely nothing! Shacks on sketchy stilts, on a steep, steep hill. I was shocked at how people lived!

We think we know what it’s like, until you see it for yourselves! Mud slides come with rain and their already precarious housing situation is even worse, as their homes just fall apart and they slide down the hill and are completely destroyed!! No words can express how sad this is.

On our way down the hill, I saw a smiling, young girl, holding a puppy amidst the junk and squalor. I took her picture. I was taken by this special gem, a jewel amongst the rocks and mud! Oh my!!! I was certainly filled with feelings of hope for this young girl. We were supposed to go back to Colombia, but we didn’t because Covid 19 had arrived. I was painting her picture and was hoping to find her again to give a print to her. I was sad that I couldn’t take it to her. But… Hope Lives Here!

16 x 20 unwrapped canvas Acrylic

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Dimensions 16 × 20 in


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