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Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas
24 inches x 18 inches
Created by Sultana Mariam

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Friendship by Sultana Mariam

Friendship measures 24 inches x 18 inches. Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas.

We all need that one person who will be there for us when we need someone. The person you can tell all your secrets too and won’t judge. We can’t choose our family but we can choose our friends. Friendship is so important.


When she was too young, she started drawing on her plate after finishing her dinner. Any empty walls in rooms like bedroom, washroom, floor, everywhere she used to draw with her pencil or charcoal.

That was her beginning….

She finished her University Degree in Masters of painting and drawing from Chittogong University of Bangladesh.

She believes, painting is not only to show the beauty of nature, subject or human, it also tells the story as a whole. Who you are, what you do, what is the environment surrounding. The taste and flavor, the purity and the wideness of everything hidden within..

Now she is living in Maple Ridge, BC, Canada. Besides her regular 9-5 work she is doing her paintings side by side.

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