Crazy Pink



12″ x 9”
Illustration with Alcohol Ink
On Yupo Paper
Frame NOT included
Johanne Kourie

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Crazy Pink (Folie en Rose) by Johanne Kourie

Original illustration on yupo paper entitled: «Crazy Pink». Dimensions: 12″ x 9″

Original handmade illustration on professional quality white yupo paper. The illustration is hand painted in alcohol ink in shades of pink and black. Inspired by love and friendship. The artwork is varnished and bordered with a mat* cardboard.  The illustration can be framed** in the frame of your choice.

*Mat cardboard included with the illustration.   ** The frame is not included with the illustration

From Johanne

I am passionate about color, especially blues. They allow me to convey an emotion and establish an atmosphere and movement to my painting, according to my inspiration of the moment. The undulation of the waves, the wind that makes the clouds travel. The breeze that makes the trees dance are elements that stimulate my imagination and set the tone for my works during their creation.

Definitely, the hustle and bustle of nature inspires the artist that I am. I take inspiration from my surroundings, from everything around me. Nature, humans, the most banal everyday objects are perfect subjects to start a painting, to guide me during their design. You just have to look at them from a different perspective and the magic will work!


Sometimes inspiration translates into a vibrant, stormy or colorful atmosphere! The colors used to bring my subject to life are sometimes vibrant, moving, hot or cold. Depending on the emotion experienced during the creation of the painting. I transpose my soul onto my canvas, I create a vacuum in myself. Before giving free rein to my brushes, the painting takes shape in my head.

Slowly, but surely, it builds itself very slowly, element by element. From the most discreet blade of grass to the largest of boats, until it emerges on the canvas. My works move between the imaginary and my personal reality. The medium, either oil painting, acrylic painting or the collage technique, will be chosen according to the emotion felt to leave my imprint on the canvas. I am a Quebec artist (Canadian) who has exhibited in Quebec, the United States and Europe for more than 10 years.

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Dimensions12 × 9 in


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