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Blue-Footed Booby


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Blue-Footed Booby

Whimsical Blue-footed Booby by Yvonne Bauer is hand crafted from clay. The blues colors and eye expression of this booby make this bird one of the favorites at Attainable Art.

Such unusual birds are on the verge of extinction hence https://bluefeetfoundation.com/ was formed to help raise money for the survival of the birds. The blue footed booby is also a symbol of creativity and dreaming. It might be time to take that dream and make it a reality.

The booby is telling you to keep in touch with your creative side. Anything is possible, as long as you can imagine it.


Yvonne Bauer has always been fascinated by pottery and all the techniques used to create it. Hence Attainable Art was formed in 2000.

Yvonne captures whimsical gesture and movement of each piece of clay art by using the method of hand-building. She further enhances each piece’s personality of warmth and spirit by hand painting glazes. These glazes create iridescent colour and brilliant reflection occurrences from the Raku firing process. 

Raku (Japanese meaning “freedom of enjoyment”) is a process in which work is removed from the kiln at bright red heat. It is then subjected to post-firing reduction (or smoking) by being placed in containers of combustible materials. This blackens raw clay and causes crazing of the glaze surface

Yvonne enjoys the rhythm of a potters life where the work never stops and each piece created goes out into the lives of those who chose them, leaving her with feelings of deep gratitude.

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