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Belcarra in the Rain



Photographed by Brad Koop
Mediums: Photoboard, Metal, and Archival Paper


Belcarra in the Rain

Title: Belcarra in the Rain

Mediums: Photoboard, Metal, and Archival Paper


Belcarra Regional Park lies to the west of the village of Anmore and at the eastern shore of Indian Arm. The park is within sight of the City of Greater Vancouver, but offers an escape from the urban hustle through the many outdoor activities available. Hiking and cycling trails abound within the forested hills of the park. Grassy parkland provide a setting for enjoying a picnic while taking in the stunning scenery. Of course there is also the salt water inlet that is a favorite location for boating, kayaking, and fishing.

These natural spaces are essential for restoring the soul of humanity that has been increasingly drawn into a concrete and steel landscape. Connecting with the natural realm reminds us of the rhythms of our physical beings, and it helps to reset our inner clocks. It also reminds us of the truth that the forces found in nature may be harnessed by humanity, but they are never truly controlled.

Sometimes a landscape photographer doesn’t need to wander very far off the beaten track to find a pleasing composition. This photo was taken just below the pier that extends out from the public access and parking area. Setting the camera low helped to capture the stillness of the waters and the mirroring of autumn colors in the background foliage with the naturally warm hues of the lichen and other growths on the rocks in the foreground.


Medium Size Price Shipping Medium Size Price Shipping
Photoboard 16 x 24 $160 Free Fuji Crystal DPII Paper (Matte) 12 x 18 $67 TBD
20 x 30 $240 Free 16 x 24 $80 TBD
24 x 36 $295 Free 20 x 30 $120 TBD
Di-Bond Aluminum 12 X 18 $215 TBD 24 x 36 $147 TBD
16 X 24 $295 TBD 28 x 42 $175 TBD
20 x 30 $425 TBD 32 x 48 $227 TBD
24 X 36 $505 TBD


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Dimensions 8 × 10 in

Photoboard, Di-Bond Aluminum, Fuji Crystal DPII Paper (Matte)


12×18, 16×24, 20×30, 24×36, 28×42, 32×48


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