A Horse’s Pose


Every piece is hand drawn and hand cut
22 3/4” high and 15 3/8” wide
Metal art horse made from 20 gauge sheet metal
Hand drawn and cut
by Connor Ferguson


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A Horse’s Pose

A Horse’s Pose is a Metal art horse made from 20 gauge sheet metal (a little less then 1mm thick). Beautiful metal polished horses head and mane with beautiful detail. This piece is hand cut and hand drawn along with all my other pieces.

Certainly, this piece looks amazing hanging on a wall or sitting on a shelf.

Every piece is hand drawn and hand cut. 22 3/4” high and 15 3/8” wide.

I am a 22 year old man living on Vancouver island. I found a love for making metal art in my C level welding course and after advancing to my B level I had a lot of time to play around with the things I liked. Perfecting the pieces is something I really enjoy.

A lot of the work I have made is for my girlfriend of 6 years who I made my very first piece for. It was a metal rose.

She encouraged me to continue my art and help me turn it into a passion I would love to continue for as long as I can. Certainly, many of my pieces are made with a west coast style theme to it. However, I am always excited and eager to make other style pieces as well.

I am a certified Red Seal Journeyman welder who looks forward to gaining more skills and knowledge in my field of work. My hopes one day are to be self employed welding and fulfilling my passions.

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Dimensions22.75 × 15.33 in


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