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Victoria Vergara is a Mexican artist and has been creating art since she was five years old. Victoria grew up in Monterrey, Mexico and moved to Canada in 2013. Changing from a family of four to a family of seven, Victoria is the oldest out of five kids. Her love for drawing and painting sparked when she saw a horse for the very first time. She immediately felt a connection towards animals and wanted to capture their personality, essence and love through drawing and painting. From that moment on, Victoria has not stopped creating art. Now with sixteen years of experience under her belt, she focuses her art on doing memorial paintings for pets who have passed on. Victoria found her “painting voice” through expressing her feelings through her art and letting the piece speak for itself. The constant desire to create is part of who she is.

Her inspiration runs off the love she pours into each painting. On occasions when the chaos of life gets the better of her, she embarks on a small trip to the nearest ocean. There is something about being close to the ocean that creates a cleanse for her mind, a white canvas. The ocean makes her heart feel full again. Each painting is more than just a project, each artwork she makes is a piece of her heart that is meant to be out in the world. She feels passionate about animals, helping others and painting and thus, her element really comes to life when all three passions are combined into one.

Victoria is constantly exploring new mediums as an arts student at the University of the Fraser Valley. Victoria’s main medium is acrylic paint, however watercolour and mixed media are becoming new fields to explore for her. Victoria is currently studying to become a Spanish and Art high school teacher in the near future and perhaps follow an architecture degree as well. Her dream would be to become a full-time artists and be able to give herself the freedom to be creating art constantly while also being able to support herself and her future family.

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