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Tobias Vyseri

I’ve always loved artwork. I used to spend long hours on the internet just admiring other people’s art, and my margins in class would always be full of doodles.

I got heavily into Japanese animation and determined that the end all be all of artwork was to draw for a comic.

I wrote and illustrated my own webcomic for two years after high school. Around the end of the comic I had started getting really into the gaming scene, Magic: the Gathering, in particular. The artwork was very enchanting and breathtaking.

I shifted my goals from “comic artist” to “card artist” and began a number of projects related to card game illustration, as well as shifting to a more realistic style.

Currently I maintain an online business selling my work on various cards and board games, in addition to my very exciting job of travelling the world adjudicating Magic: the Gathering tournaments.


(778) 384-4566



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