Tobias Vyseri

Become Enchanted by the Artistic Journey of a Talented Illustrator

From a young age, my passion for artwork has been a constant flame within me. Hours would slip away as I immersed myself in admiring the captivating creations of others online, and my class notes would inevitably be adorned with intricate doodles.

It was during this time that I discovered the captivating world of Japanese animation, and I became convinced that the pinnacle of artistic expression lay in the realm of comic illustration.

After high school, I delved into writing and illustrating my own webcomic, dedicating two years to this creative endeavor. However, as the comic drew to a close, a new fascination began to enchant me—the gaming scene, with its mesmerizing artwork, particularly in the realm of Magic: The Gathering.

Driven by this newfound passion, my artistic aspirations shifted from being a “comic artist” to becoming a “card artist.” I embarked on numerous projects related to card game illustration, and my artistic style gradually evolved towards a more realistic approach.

Currently, I am actively involved in an online business where I sell my artwork featured on various cards and board games. It brings me great joy to see my creations adorning these gaming platforms. Moreover, I have the incredible privilege of traveling the world as part of my exhilarating role as an adjudicator in Magic: The Gathering tournaments.

Embark on a journey through my captivating illustrations and allow yourself to be transported to realms both enchanting and breathtaking. Join me as I continue to explore the infinite possibilities of artistic expression and share my work with art enthusiasts and gamers alike.


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