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Edward DeMarsh



Edward is a self-taught visual artist, as well as a regularly published writer. He’s grateful to have an international reach in both, as connecting to things and publics outside his experience excites him and makes him happy.

Each of Edward’s works reveal his fascination with how colour, material, and light can, even in stillness, create a scene or raise an emotion. The works are full of beauty and meaning, and always, of attraction and wonder. He lives in a world of mystery and spirit and looks to express through art how it moves him, so that he can see it more clearly and share it.

He shows in galleries in Canada and in China, and his time in both countries Asia influences much of his work in spirit, emotional content, and materials. His home is Canada, and he has a strong friend connection to China, and speaks some Mandarin.

Edward works with acrylics and mixed medias, often in relief style, where his works have the qualities of abstract painting, design, and sculpture all bound together. He thinks this is the result of a night in Niagara Falls when he was 6 years old. Ask him about that if you meet him in person.


Artist Ted DeMarsh


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