Ted DeMarsh

I have worked collaboratively and creatively all my adult life.  As Edward DeMarsh I am (or have been) a professional theater actor/director, a scriptwriter for film and television. A regularly published prose writer, a musician and a fine artist.  Each one informs the other and adds to an emotionally and spiritually abundant life.  In October of 2019, I represented Canada at the Chengdu International Design and Creativity Exhibition.

I usually work with acrylics, but washers, chopsticks, bamboo, wire and other found objects often are used in my work.

E.M. Forster wisely advises us, “Only connect…”.   I certainly try to.  

My residence is in British Columbia, Canada.  I travel to China when I can for my friendships and to renew and deepen the art inspired by that ancient culture.

 I have a strong and gentle daughter and two amazing grand-daughters that I am eternally grateful to have in my life.  


Ted DeMarsh Painting


To Be Determined

Chilliwack, BC

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