Sheila Van Delft


I have been an artist since I was a child and can’t imagine my life without painting. I live in the country with my family and my dogs where I can paint my favourite subject, landscape. I also paint some florals, but primarily I create images from my travels around BC and from my childhood growing up in the north. I paint landscape with sensitivity and thoughtfulness and hope to bring a little of the country and the wilds into the homes of my collectors.

My style can vary, depending on what mood I want to depict in my painting. I’ve worked a lot in realism, but tend to prefer a more impressionistic approach. I work primarily with acrylics on canvas, but I’ve been known to include oils, encaustic, modelling paste, and found objects. I’ve also worked in watercolour, pen and ink, installation and sculpture, and I love experimenting.

I have also been doing commissioned work for residential and commercial clients for over thirty years and I am happy to create custom artwork which can include murals, portraits, still life, and pretty much anything your heart imagines.

 I hold a Diploma in Graphic Design and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Arts. I also teach high school art part-time in Langley, which is something that I never imagined I would do because I like to just work quietly in my studio. When I was asked to teach high school art in 2008, I initially refused, worried about trying to teach a room full of teenagers, but when I finally agreed I was hooked and haven’t looked back.

I am a member of the Langley Arts Council and an Active Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists. I have been a part of many exhibitions and have won a few awards along the way. I’ve also won Artist of the Year for Trout Unlimited Canada in 2004 for my painting Autumn Echo, which they used for their fundraising efforts for the year.


Sheila Van Delft


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