Patricia Peters


Patricia Peters, contemporary landscape artist, works in Oils, Acrylic and wax mediums.

Like many budding artists, Patricia began her career with a fundamental class in oil
painting. In 1976 she graduated from Brigham Young University with a bachelor’s degree
in Communications and Art History which involved a lengthy period of study in Europe.

However, it wasn’t until several years later, after her own family had arrived and begun
maturing, that Patricia decided to take up the brush with more serious vigor… this time
with watercolors.

Soon, she found herself attempting to understand abstract design, and began exploring a gentle, suggestive, and impressionistic style of artistry. She also became very interested
in texture and began her love of mixed media and layering.

In time, she progressed to explore what acrylics were all about. This was the spark that
re-focused her love of art. It seems that from then on, whenever she had a minute, she
would immerse herself in what was becoming a burning, and most passionate affair.

In her paintings, she tries to evoke feelings and vitality rather than strict renderings. She
employs colors and texture to give depth and excitement to her work. One process she
uses is to lay down a hot under-painting, then respond to that energy allowing color to
seep into the cracks and edges… contrasting sheer transparent color against opaque
passages. Her response is intuitive, and her style… continually evolving. Her works vary
dramatically from representational to abstract.

ALL you really need to know about her is…..”My favourite colour is ORANGE!

She tries to find igneous ways to insert the orange  juice into all her work on some layer, or the high notes. Colour is her emotional language and her response to the world around her.

Patricia Peters


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