Loran Tsang

Loran was born and raised in Hong Kong and is a natural art lover. However, she was raised from a family that had limited resources and in a city that once was called a cultural desert. She could not afford to pursue the career as an artist. At university, she chose a translation and interpretation program, which is also a form of art to her. It made it possible for her to financially support the family.

Loran has been working as an interpreter and a translator, mainly in Canada, and moved there after graduation. While she always loves her work, finding it meaningful and fulfilling, the passions in arts never left her.  

Years ago, Loran started to pick up painting again and is now focused on soft pastel and oil pastel. As a self-taught artist who strives to pursue arts in whatever levels she can. Loran believes arts should never be intimidating to anyone, young or old, deprived or privileged. Let’s pursue it, embrace it, celebrate it, together!   

Loran Tsang in Studio


To Be Determined

Chilliwack, BC