Laurinda Lee

“My art is for the person that appreciates the simple things in life, yet loves adding richness to their soul”

I’m Laurinda Lee and I paint representational oil paintings filled with colour and light. I’ve always been amazed by the way light affects the way we see colour and my intention is to bring that to my paintings. I often paint from every day things that surround me and turn them into close and intimate portraits to give you a new perspective. 

The Fraser Valley has been my home for 40 years and I have lived on the West Coast for most of my life. This is an area that is infused with such beauty, it’s hard not to feel inspired to create. Although I have come late to the easel, I have spent a life creating, building and using colour ……. just not as a painter. I’ve  dabbled in watercolours and acrylics but did not have a consistent painting practice.  After having spent an evening painting with an artist at a gallery in Whistler, I knew I would no longer hold back my desire to paint which has been there my entire life. I continued to work with acrylics but once I gave oils a try, they became my medium of choice.

In 2019 I entered some juried exhibitions which was a positive experience for me.  My paintings were accepted and a painting in each exhibition placed. I am excited to continue to enter exhibitions in the future. My art has been a journey which I plan to enjoy for a long while yet. My goal is to keep learning and to bring something positive to the viewers and collectors.  I feel we need that more than ever before in our lives.  I hope that you will enjoy my art as much as I enjoy creating it.  And if you have any questions, by all means contact me. It’s always a pleasure to connect with fellow art lovers. 

Website: laurindaleeart.com
Facebook: Laurinda Lee Art
Instagram: @laurindaleeart

Laurinda Lee


To Be Determined

Chilliwack, BC

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