Kelly Cushing

Kelly Cushing

Vancouver-based Photographer & Mixed Media Artist

Kelly Cushing Photography & Fine Art

Born and raised in the stunning landscapes of Vancouver, BC, Canada. Kelly Cushing’s artistic journey began at the age of 13 when she received her first camera. From that moment on, photography became an enduring love, serving as an extension of her true self.

In her younger years, Kelly’s camera became her voice, allowing Kelly to express herself and be a part of something while still maintaining a comfortable distance. Sharing her photographs opened doors to conversations, offering a glimpse into Kelly’s unique perspective of the world, wordlessly capturing its beauty.


When asked about the type of photography she specializes in, Kelly’s answer is as diverse as her creative interests. Her lens captures the allure of weathered locks and chains, telling stories of history and mystery. It immortalizes the sheer delight on someone’s face as they reunite with a long-time love or welcome a new family member. It reveals the human form in all its glory, the glistening sweat and taut muscles speaking volumes without uttering a word.

Kelly cherishes the ability to freeze moments in time, grateful for the remarkable tool that is her camera. Through her lens, she captures the world as she sees it, sharing their unique vision with all who appreciate her work. Her love affair with photography began at 13 and, although life sometimes pulled them away, her camera patiently waited, a constant companion on their artistic journey.


In recent years, Kelly has found new avenues for artistic expression, embracing mixed media to showcase her photography. She skillfully transfers her captivating images onto reclaimed wood and tiles, creating breathtaking and time-intensive pieces that truly stand out.

As an artist, Kelly’s creativity knows no bounds. Her passion for photography and mixed media continues to evolve, offering a captivating glimpse into her ever-changing artistic soul. Explore Kelly’s portfolio and be captivated by her extraordinary vision.

Kelly Cushing, owner and photographer


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