Kathy Nay


Kathy Nay

Discover the Artistic World of Kathy Domnich Nay – Maple Ridge Watercolour and Acrylic Artist

Immerse yourself in the captivating creations of Kathy Domnich Nay, a talented watercolour and acrylic artist hailing from Maple Ridge. With a lifelong passion for art, Kathy’s artistic journey was nurtured by her artist mother, who provided invaluable support as she embarked on her artistic endeavors.

Kathy’s watercolour skills were honed under the guidance of Cheryl Fortier at her studio in Mission. Those three cherished hours every Thursday night became a sanctuary of creativity, filled with brushstrokes, soothing tea, and delectable cookies. From these experiences, Kathy developed a strong foundation in watercolour, mastering the basics and creating a harmonious connection between paint and paper.


In recent years, Kathy expanded her artistic horizons by venturing into the realm of acrylics. Although she acknowledges the inherent challenges, she embraces them with enthusiasm and determination. Drawing inspiration from her own photographs, Kathy employs a limited palette to create stunning artwork that radiates color harmony. Her aim is to captivate the viewer, inviting them into her paintings and allowing them to become immersed in a captivating narrative frozen in time.

As a proud member of the Garibaldi Art Club and the Federation of Canadian Artists, Kathy’s talent has been showcased in numerous juried and group shows, garnering recognition and several prestigious awards for her remarkable artwork.

Sharing her passion and expertise, Kathy serves as an instructor at The ACT in Maple Ridge. Through demonstrations and workshops, she imparts her knowledge to various art groups, fostering growth and creativity within the local art community. Additionally, she offers watercolour and acrylic techniques classes at her home studio, providing aspiring artists with the tools and guidance to develop their own artistic prowess.

To explore Kathy’s artistic world and witness the depth of her talent, visit her Facebook page – Artist Kathy Domnich Nay, and follow her on Instagram – @kathynayartist. Prepare to be captivated by the beauty, skill, and storytelling prowess reflected in her stunning creations.

Indulge your senses and experience the artistry of Kathy Domnich Nay, where colors come alive and stories unfold on the canvas.

Kathy Nay


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