Kathleen Truman


I am a self-taught artist who currently works at a Mental Health Centre in the Fraser Valley as an Administrative Assistant who doubles as a painter by nights and weekends.  I do enjoy what I do during the day, but my passion lies with Art.  One day, I would love to make that transition to working Full-Time as an Artist. Although I have no formal training or past work experience in the art community, I look forward to integrating myself into this community.

I enjoy painting nature and abstract using vibrant colors and texture and I find that is release for me when my mental health is suffering. I am an artist who creates outside the stereotypical ideas of what makes art “Art”. Always been different and now I have only recently owned it. I enjoy experimenting with acrylic paint and products to see what new textures, shapes and techniques I can create. I use traditional tools as well as unique items such as Q-tips, plastic recycling materials or even glue from a hot glue gun to create textures and unique patterns.

I’m moved by nature’s lush forests, flowers, glorious mountains, flowing streams as well as unique patterns and colors in water and outer space. I believe this can be seen and felt in my work. I also enjoy the freedom of abstract art. The patterns and brush strokes help me to express myself that other art forms cannot. It is a way to release emotions whether it be positive or negative energy.

Kathleen Truman with Blue Ocean


To Be Determined

Chilliwack, BC