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Jocelyn Bichard

Jocelyn Bichard


Jocelyn T. Bichard is an internationally known Visual Artist who is based in New Brunswick, Canada. She paints mainly in Watercolor and Pastel.

Recently, she is experimenting with other media and combining the two. Her exhibit on Masks showcased Watercolor with gold leaf.

She has painting since 1992 when she studied Watercolor under Ray Butler and Pastel with Richard Flynn. She continues her art education with online courses and books to this day as you can always learn. Since she was already a Registered Nurse it started as a hobby but since she puts her all into her endeavors, she has had works for sale in the West Indies as well as locally. She now has works in several countries.

Jocelyn works in several genera’s including Florals, Still lives, Portraits, wildlife and landscapes. These can also be seen in her blog Beautyinmyworld.blogspot.com Her aim is to share the beauty she sees with others and hopefully encourage them to look at the beauty in our world with new eyes! She also has a Facebook site Art in My World where she has photos of the art she has seen in her travels since she wishes to interest more people in Art.

Jocelyn either works in Plein air or takes her own reference photos. Since Covid relying more on Art Photography sites that encourage artists to use their photos.

She has had three shows in a local gallery were her work was also for sale but has since closed as the owner retired. One show called “Behind The Tracks” received press as it also had art (Visual and Poetry) from inmates she worked with as a Correctional Nurse. Some of the exhibits from that show were then used by local police force and schools for education on Drug abuse.

Jocelyn has also won local awards for her paintings and after 911 raised over a thousand dollars on the auction of a painting. Just one of many charities she contributed to.

She has participated in many art fairs and sold art to cruise ship passengers who visited our Port City as well as well as people she has met in her travels. She also does commissions.


Jocelyn Bichard


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