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Gail Steel

Gail’s Art Spa

Experience the Artistic Journey of Gail – Native British Columbian and Abbotsford Resident

As a proud resident of Abbotsford and a true British Columbian at heart, art has always been an integral part of my life. Even during my high school years, I eagerly pursued art courses, nurturing my creative spirit.

However, life took a turn when I started a family at the age of 19. With the responsibilities of motherhood, my creativity found solace in the realm of knitting, crocheting, and sewing. In a time when homeschooling was rare, I took on the noble task of educating my children within the comforts of our home.

While I worked diligently for 21 years, my passion for art patiently waited for its turn to shine. It was during a period of chronic migraine headaches and the challenges of managing PTSD and severe allergies that I felt a deep urge to transform pain into beauty. Painting became my outlet, allowing me to channel my struggles and fulfill my mission of creating vibrant and uplifting pictures to bring joy to others.

My preferred mediums of expression are pastel and watercolor soluble pencils and sticks, which allow me to effortlessly blend colors and bring my imagination to life.


At present, I am in the process of establishing my own studio/gallery under the name “Gail’s Art Spa.” This artistic haven serves as a space for me to create and showcase my artwork. Moreover, I am passionately driven to connect with fellow artists who face the challenges of low energy and isolation due to illness and anxiety. Together, we can support and inspire one another on our artistic journeys.

Furthermore, my commitment to making a positive impact through art extends beyond the confines of my studio. I have donated prints of my piece titled “Living with PTSD” to therapists specializing in trauma. One of these prints also graces the walls of the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre in Vancouver.

Moving forward, my vision is clear – to find loving homes for my joyful creations. Each picture I create carries a piece of my heart, and I am dedicated to spreading happiness and beauty through my art.

Join me on this artistic odyssey and let my colorful and uplifting artwork brighten your world. Together, let us celebrate the power of creativity and the resilience of the human spirit.

Gail Steel - One of Our Artists of The Art Hive Collective


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