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Tamara Cartwright


Tamara generates her creativity through various materials such as acrylic paint, electronic tools and rolled canvas; incorporating arcs, light-shadow, saturated colors or absence of color. Her creations are most often influenced by the natural world, winged creatures and the vastness of space where she interrupts and intertwines them to create other unexplored worlds. Her art is also based on happenstance and bending the perception of our view on the ordinary and mundane.

Her belief is that art builds a happy thought-provoking brain that leads to infinite questions and a chance to discover more of the unknown that surrounds us.

She holds an Art & Design Diploma and an Ornamental Landscape Design Diploma.

Tamara’s art can be found scattered here and there throughout Canada the U.K. and the Netherlands

Tamara Cartwright


(778) 384-4566



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