Erin Caskey



Erin was born in White Rock, BC and has lived her entire life in the lower mainland. She has always had artistic talent, but lacked the direction on what to do with it. Then she met Fred, another artist who became her friend and mentor. Who helped her with the direction that she needed. It was because of him that she made the decision to go back to school in order to pursue art. Unfortunately Fred passed away before she could tell him she had been accepted into the BFA program which was his goal for her. In 2018 she decided enough was enough, she quit her job to pursue her artistic ambitions fulltime. In 2019 She completed her Diploma in Fine Arts and has just completed her Bachelor in Fine Arts. She currently lives in Abbotsford, BC with her cat.


Erin is a mixed media artist specializing in painting, lino-print, and photography. 

As a painter she considers herself to be a process artist. As a process artist, it is not the end result but how she gets there. When she uses acrylic paints she uses everyday objects as her paintbrushes, then when she is finished she adds them back into the painting. She is currently experimenting with oil paints and is finding her love for portraitures whether it is people or animals.

Erin’s Photography tells a narrative through the stories of her childhood. She wants to bring to life the magic and wonder of fairytales through her photographs. With lino printing Erin finds her inspiration in animals, her lino-prints are unique as she only does one print, thus ensuring that each print is one of a kind.

Erin Caskey


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