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Eric Hotz: I cannot remember a time when I haven’t been creating art. I was in art in kindergarten through to the end of high school and later I enrolled in a 2-year, full-time Fine Arts program in college. Then, I worked as an archaeological artist for 4 years.  Upon the strength of my work, I was hired by a Vancouver-based publisher as their in-house illustrator/graphic artist for 5 years. I then enrolled in a 3-year full-time Illustration & Design college program so I could focus exclusively on instructional painting. Since then, I have been working as a freelance artist/illustrator.


My favourite art medium is mixing paint and black ink leaning heavily toward realism. Originally, when I painted, I would create a pen & ink illustration and then applied watercolours. However, I now reverse this by creating a rough acrylic painting using washes and then applying black ink. I then go back and forth between paint and ink using various inking techniques depending on the effect I am trying to achieve.


The subject of my paintings is local natural history. I grew up with a large forest across the street from where I lived and I went on many camping trips to various provincial and federal parks in both BC and Alberta. After graduating from High School I worked for 5 summers in various regions across British Columbia while attending college.

I love to explore nature, often visiting parks and lakes within 2-hours of where I live, turning my discoveries into paintings. My hope is, that through my art, people will reconnect with the beauty that is within a short drive of where they reside in the Vancouver lower mainland.



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