Doug Dunbar



My first formal training in art was while taking the teacher training program at UBC to teach high school industrial Arts. We took a design course that opened me up to drawing and sculpture.

I created a bronze sculpture of a tree growing into a pair of human hands. This sparked my interest in metal work and I took a course in welding which led to metal sculpture, after which I developed an intrest in stone sculpture since I had also started doing small soapstone pieces.


These ultimately grew into much larger pieces which I pursued for numerous years. This unfortunately came to an abrupt end when in the summer of 2023, a wildfire wiped out our summer cabin at Gun Lake, BC. I did all my carving there in the open air during the summer since was so dusty. I was then forced to shift gears and return to Clay Sculpture since I can do this in my studio at my home in Maple Ridge, BC.

It’s been a full circle returning to clay since the model for the bronze “Hands” piece was done in clay 40 years ago.

I absolutely love working with clay. It gives me the freedom of expressing all the beauty in nature with all it’s beautifully flowing lines. The pieces are air dried and then kiln-fired for harness after which I use patinas and tinted paste wax for finishing.

My favorite look is one of a bronze sculpture that has weathered to a green colour. It’s all great fun and my current passion.

Doug Dunbar, Sculpturer


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