Corrine Robson

Corrine Robson

Corrine Robson of Corelly Custom Creations

Growing up in North Vancouver, I was surrounded by trees, forest and the mountains.

My career as a water proofer, I am constantly using epoxy and similar products. So using epoxy for the first time was very familiar to me.

Adding colours and designs to the epoxy was fantastic. I can create feelings and emotions in the flow of the epoxy. After experimenting with the epoxy on it’s own, I added wood pieces and live edge pieces to the work.

What I like most about this form of work is that the results are endless. The only thing limiting the process is my imagination.

I draw inspiration from the world around me. Walking by wallpaper on a wall, the way the waves hit the shore. I could be watching something on Netflix and see a design that I want to try to re-create with epoxy. Walking past a stump and seeing how the wood has it’s own design. Then I can’t wait to get to my studio and try to reproduce what I have seen.


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