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Carsten Arnold

Chilliwack, BC Fine Art Photographer


Carsten Arnold Biography

Coming from an artistic family I started experimenting with photography at a very early age. I learned the fine art of composition, camera techniques, and printing through many years of experimentation and processing in our own darkrooms at home.


This led me to a long career in the photographic worlds of high resolution print production, scanning, magazine production, digital media, and information technology. These have all given me a unique perspective and experience that continues to influence my art.  

I’ve always gravitated towards landscapes and nature photography. This is where I discovered the compositional techniques of the “Art of Seeing”. Viewing and abstracting a scene into its basic elements of light, colour, shape and texture. The final results are meant to elicit from the viewer feelings and emotions. Whether it be curiosity, joy, peace, or serenity. 


Photography for me doesn’t always have to be about the literal expression of reality. As an art form, photography can combine many different elements of digital abstraction. Firstly, by layering in elements from separate images. Secondly, blending in subtle or even dramatic digital aspects of traditional art mediums. Finally, it allows me the freedom to experiment with the original scene in ways that are only limited by my imagination. Having a custom printing lab in my studio with a large format printer allows me to further experiment with unique papers and creative printing techniques.  

As an Accredited Photographer with the Professional Photographers of Canada, I live, eat, breath photography, and Photoshop mastery. My work as a Commercial Photographer also lets me specialize in Architecture, Interiors, Industrial, and Products photography. This allows me access to unique locations where I can photograph landscapes and nature scenes not normally available.   

Carmel Studios

Carmel Studios is where I turn my photographs into home and office decor images on paper, canvas, acrylic, wood, metal, wall murals, and other mediums. I’ve been helping artists scan and reproduce their original art for over 30 years by turning their work into quality high resolution digital files and print reproductions. Contact me at carmelstudioca@gmail.com

I hope you enjoy my creative visions as much as I enjoyed photographing and making them available to you.

Carsten Arnold & camera


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