Brian Tyson


When his passion for woodturning became too much to bear Brian handed over the keys he held as School Principal and decided to turn his hobby into a life-style.

The early days were not easy as he worked long hours mastering design and technique, attending  many symposiums as far as Provo Utah.

It was always a struggle dividing time between Artistry in Sculptural Forms and meeting the market demands of production work.

Brian had always loved wood and as a boy use to save scrapes not really sure what to do with them.

As a woodturner, in every piece of wood he saw the potential for art and could not resist trying to salvage it into something more beautiful than it already was.

Brian’s One-Of-A -Kind Forms  were carried in Galleries across Canada, USA and Europe.

For almost 20 years we attended Christmas Markets across Canada meeting many people, some of whom still keep in touch.

Brian Tyson


To Be Determined

Chilliwack, BC

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