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How It Works for Artists

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Being An Artist on

The Art Hive

The Art Hive Collective is for Canadian artists who would like to take a new step to show their work in another way.

This site is for those creatives who may work hard to get their work noticed but have to do it one customer at a time, one market at a time.

The Art Hive Collective was created to showcase Canadian artists and get their work seen by art enthusiasts who may not otherwise see it.

By using our collective as our superpower, we can share, like and make the entire website stand up and be seen. Our goal is to showcase Canadian artist so their extraordinary talents can be discovered.

Increase Your Visibility Online

Create your own artist portfolio online today. Share your artistic approach with potential buyers. Just send us photos of your artwork, add the description of artwork (size, medium, style, type, price etc.) and ta-da!

We will send you a spreadsheet to fill out your information and an agreement with what you can expect from us. 

Blue Jay by Tobias Vyseri
Artists of the Art Hive Collective


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Thanks for visiting and supporting art.