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Cornerstone Custom Framing Collaborates with The Art Hive

See Our Work At Cornerstone

Cornerstone Custom Framing has graciously collaborated with the Art Hive to showcase our artists work. Now we have a place for people to see the art in person.

Cornerstone moved earlier in the year to a bigger location and had a large area of empty white walls. Krista was meaning to talk to artists about filling the space. Luckily, we knew each other and she called me up proposing a collaboration.

OH MY GOD, YES, Was all I could think. How perfect a fit and it would give our artists a chance to hang their work as if COVID hadn’t happened (which was the original plan for the Art Hive).

Until the end of 2020, see some of our artists work downtown Chilliwack. Cornerstone is also following city COVID regulations for your safety.

Chilliwack Progress at Cornerstone