Transportation Art by Various Canadian Artists

Transportation whether it be planes, trains, automobiles, horses, bikes, boats, scooters, motorcycles, ferries, skytrains, subways. There are probably more but you get this gist.

For centuries, artists—keen observers of life—have depicted these modes of transportation and the ways people, cultures, and societies are affected by them.

In this huge world, we rely on transportation on a daily basis. Getting to work or school, going to get groceries, seeing loved ones across the country or even across town usually requires some form of transportation. Not to mention even getting the groceries, clothes, homewares to the store requires trains or trucks, sometimes even boats.

In earlier days in North America, people got across the country on horses or horse pulled buggies. Then the trains came and made travelling and transporting easier.

We love our cars and trucks. And since the beginning of the automobile, there has been so many different colours, sizes and styles of cars and motorcycles. There are vintage car collectors all over the world.



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