Portrait/Human Figure

Portrait/Human Figure by Various Canadian Artists

Portrait/Human Figure has been in existence since the beginning of mankind. Portraits have marked the people in history and ordinary life.

Portrait/Human Figure art Genre of painting that represents the human form. Model (art) – Person who poses for a visual artist. Or sometimes is captured by the artist without them knowing. Street photography is an example of the subject not knowing they are being captured by the artist.

The human form is portrayed in the artistic recognition of the existence in nature of the human body. Also further of the potential symbolic and evocative patterns of human forms, gestures, and postures.

The earliest know image of the human form dates back to an estimated 64,000 years ago. A cave painting in the Maltravieso Cave in Spain of the human form and captured it for posterity.

Without portraits, our history would be missing a large piece. How we ever know what Queen Victoria looked like? Or Julius Caesar?

Now we have photography to capture the human form and portraits, making it easier. But a representation of oneself by an artist is still sought after. Even as a characture. 

Whether it be an original art piece or an art print, the human form as home decor is still commonplace. People in art show us who we are, what we do as humans. 

The fascination of the human figure will never cease to exist. And different ways of capturing it will always be captivating. 



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