This Canadian Online Art Gallery started with a desire to promote local artists in the Fraser Valley. Consequently, it has began to  expand to include artists across Canada.

The initial intention was to have a physical art gallery for artist to show their work and give artists some permanency. To take selling their work off the artist’s plates and allow them to Create. For artists to be a part of a community of other artists. A place to have workshops and share artist’s knowledge.

For visitors of the gallery, a place where the public can browse new artist or artists they are already familiar with. Find a piece that they love, that they may not normally get a chance to see.

This was my vision.


Then COVID hit and that idea turned into an online gallery website, for now. The vision just altered a bit.

Please, cruise the website, take a look at the beautiful work, get INSPIRED and shop BEAUTY.

We can help you turn your space into an OASIS, that you can’t wait to get home to.  Reach out if you would like some direction and help.

All the artists on board are extremely talented and the kindest, most accommodating, lovely people. I really feel this is a wonderful group of talented people. 


If you are an ARTIST, please email and we can send you more information on how to apply. If you have doubts, please go to the HOME page to read why you should apply.

For now, stay safe. xo It is slowly coming to an end and life will get back to “normal”.


Born in Vancouver and raised in Burnaby, BC Canada. I have been with a camera since my dad bought me my first Pentax K1000 for my 13th birthday.  I was hooked. Growing up, my dad was the photographer. We sat in front of a screen and looked at his slides probably every few months.

I photographed my brother, my friends, flowers, animals, Vancouver, everything. I ended up going to Langara College and got my diploma in Professional Photography. After college, I worked for Sherwood Studios when I  got pregnant with my first son. At the time I was printing so I had to quit my job. Consequently, in the early 90’s, chemicals were involved and not good for the baby. So I had to quit that job and do something else. I ended up working at a Rehab Centre in Vancouver, BC.


I have 2 kids and my second one has severe autism so he was my priority. Photography was put on the shelf for many years. He needed my full attention constantly.

My marriage ended, my son went into care which was the best thing for him. He has had many experience and wonderful people working with him and doing work I had no experience doing. He has turned into an amazing young man. My oldest son is married to a wonderful woman and he is a fantastic man. The best thing I have ever done in my life was the 2 of them.


Anyway, after my marriage ended, I was able to concentrate on learning who I was once again. Of course, photography came right back to me.

It took me some time getting used to digital but I learned and took some courses on PhotoShop.  Now I love digital, I could never go back.

I met an artist who taught me ways to show my work at markets that was unique. I began using my photography and transferred it to reclaimed wood. It was a way to show my photography on a budget.

And the rest is history, or above in the previous explanation of the Art Hive.

Now I am currently looking for a space now that we are in Phase 3 in BC, Canada. I will keep you updated to how that goes.

Onward and upward. xoxo

Kelly Cushing

Thinner and younger lol

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