Art can be intimidating. Where do you start? What do you buy? How much should you spend? I have a very clear memory that sticks with me. My kids were young. My youngest was having another temper tantrum in his bedroom. I was sitting in the living room, overwhelmed and I looked around to see mass-produced art lopsided on my wall or on the floor with cracks in the plastic, which was the replacement for glass. I remember thinking, ‘Is this it. Will I ever be able to have nice things that I love. ‘ At that time, it didn’t seem likely. Fast forword 20 years, the kids are grown and out of the house. I remember buying the first piece of ‘my art’. I loved it. It wasn’t big or expensive but it was mine. It gave me so much joy to have it. I hung it up right away and it’s still in the same spot. I got to meet and talk to the artist, so it has a connection, and it was my first step to having ‘nice art’. Can you relate to any of this? If you are a parent, there is a good chance you can. And now we get to step out of our comfort zone and instead of buying for our kids, we get to buy what we love. Make our space our oasis. Where do you start? Welcome to the world of personal art curation! In this blog post, we’ll explore the fascinating journey of transforming your living space into a curated haven of artistic expression. Building your own art gallery at home is not just about acquiring beautiful pieces; it’s about creating an environment that reflects your unique taste and passion for art. Section 1: Discover Your Artistic Vision Begin by delving into your personal artistic preferences. Are you drawn to abstract expressionism, classical landscapes, or contemporary digital art? Understanding your tastes will guide your collection and make it a true reflection of your personality. Section 2: Start Small, Dream Big You don’t need a massive budget to start your art collection. Begin with affordable pieces from local artists, online marketplaces, or even your own creations. Knowing that your support contributes not only to your collection but also to the growth of artist’s art business and careers. Over time, you can gradually invest in more significant works as your collection grows. One of the joys of art collection is watching artists grow. The Art Hive Collective features emerging talents eager to make their mark. Section 3: Mix and Match Styles Don’t be afraid to experiment with different art styles and mediums. A diverse collection adds depth and interest to your gallery. Mix original paintings with prints, photography with metal art, creating a dynamic visual experience for yourself and your guests. By incorporating pieces from multiple artists, you’re not only creating an eclectic collection but also fostering a community of creatives. Section 4: Support Local Artists Explore the vibrant art scene in your community by supporting local artists. Attend art fairs, gallery openings, and connect with creators. Not only does this contribute to your collection, but it also fosters a sense of community and encourages emerging talent. And with the power of the internet, attend virtual exhibitions, engage with artists on social media, and build a connection beyond the canvas. Your support becomes a vital part of these artists’ journeys, helping them grow their art business and expand their reach. Your support becomes a vital part of these artists’ journeys, helping them grow their art business and expand their reach. Section 5: The Power of Storytelling Each piece in your collection has a story. Whether it’s the inspiration behind the creation, the artist’s background, or your personal connection to the artwork, share these stories with your visitors. It adds a layer of depth and meaning to your gallery. Section 6: DIY Gallery Wall Create a stunning focal point by designing a gallery wall. Mix and match frames, experiment with layouts, and let your creativity run wild. This DIY project allows you to showcase your collection in a visually impactful way. It’s a wonderful way to spotlight multiple artists in one cohesive display. I have a resource for you, ‘7 Strategies to Elevate Your Art in Your Home’ Get it here Section 7: Evolving Collection Your art gallery at home is not static. As you evolve your collection, consider staying connected with The Art Hive Collective for new releases and exhibitions. Embrace the opportunity to add fresh perspectives to your gallery, supporting the continuous growth of these dynamic artists. Allow your collection to evolve as your tastes and preferences change. Consider periodic rearrangements, new acquisitions, or even rotating pieces to keep your gallery dynamic and inspiring. Section 8: Preserve and Protect Properly care for your art to ensure its longevity. Learn about the correct way to clean, store, and display each piece. Preservation adds value to your collection and maintains the beauty of the artworks over time. Conclusion: Building your art gallery at home with The Art Hive Collective is a personal and ongoing journey. It’s a journey of supporting local artists, nurturing their careers, and surrounding yourself with beauty, inspiration, and stories that resonate with you. Whether you’re a seasoned art collector or just starting, let your passion guide you as you transform your living space into a curated masterpiece that tells your unique story through art. Enjoy the journey!
Autumnal Full Moon by Johanne Kourie
A Gray Day in Vancouver by Wendy Johnson
Red Barn by Shirley Thomas
Mission - Planetary Series by Tamara Cartwright
Dark Pink Gerber Grunge Canvas
Backfired 2 by Erin Caskey
Submerged by Vickie Legere