From Light to Layers: Olivia Burrage Reveals Her Best Advice


Who are you and what do you do?

Olivia Burrage, I am an Artist.


Why Art?

It’s in my soul. I feel like I was born to be creative.


Olivia Barrage

Olivia Burrage

Simply Playing by Olivia Burrage

Simply Playing

The best piece of advice I’ve been given:

When I was in high school, an art teacher told me that I had a natural talent,

and that I should never let anyone tell me what artistic direction to take.

His final advice was to keep following my heart, and my best creations will



Portrait of Kavna by Olivia Burrage

Portrait of Kavna

Raffi, Mo and Domino by Olivia Burrage

Raffi, Mo and Domino Framed

What is an artistic outlook on life:


Finding the beauty in life, and taking the time to look for the foundation of a subject,

or subjects I wish to capture …. The shapes, the colors and how the light interacts with an object or life form. Seeing planet earth as a living, breathing entity, and letting her teach

me to see the art in every day scenes, allowing my creativity to flow unrestricted.


Glory Tree by Olivia Burrage

Glory Tree

Swimming Upstream by Olivia Burrage

Swimming Upstream

What jobs have I done other than being an artist:


I have always loved horses, and began sketching them at an early age, in later years I found myself commissioned to paint them. Over time I managed to get work as a stable hand and groom on a few Thoroughbred training and breeding farms, as well, I managed to get work a short time as a groom at Hastings Park Race Track.

Most of my life’s work was in the commercial sign business, as a commercial signwriter.

This type of work lead me to the B.C. film industry, where I worked on some made for TV shows, and a few major films.

Sunset at Santa Monica Pier by Olivia Burrage
Sunset at Santa Monica Sunset Print
Piccasso by Olivia Burrage

Piccasso Print

Who’s your biggest Artistic Influence?


My adopted Uncle Charley, who worked for Walt Disney as a cartoon animator. And I have many past family members that were amazing artists as well. I have a few past family members who were, not just wonderful artists, they were accomplished British Authors as well. So …I guess you could say, I have a major family influence.


Sometimes I feel like they’re all trying to work through me. Kind of like spirit interference…or help I suppose.


Crimson Sound by Olivia Burrage

Crimson Sound

(marked down from $600 to $300)

Sparkle by Olivia Burrage


(marked down from $200 to $100)

Trying to Grow by Olivia Burrage

Trying to Grow

(marked down to $300)

The Feather by Olivia Burrage

The Feather

Tea Time by Olivia Burrage

Tea Time

Gift of Tulips by Olivia Burrage

Gift of Tulips

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