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What’s the Buzz – Be In the KNOW at The Art Hive Collective. All the new art, artist interviews, specials, giveaways and more..

What’s the Buzz – Be in the Know is our Blog.

Once a month in ‘From Light to Layers’, one of our remarkable artists will be featured. It will be a chance to get to know a little more about each artist. How they got started, their inspirations, how they do their art, mentors and lots more.


We will also keep up to date on what’s happening at The Art Hive such as giveaways, contests, auctions, and more.


We will work on bringing any information about art, questionaires, and anything else we find interesting.


The Blog will develop over time and with your feedback, it can meet more of your needs. Our goal is to entertain you a little, educate you a bit and give you something to walk a way with that adds to your day.


Please feel free to reach out and give us your input or suggestions to improve our posts.

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Beginner’s Guide to Buying Art

BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO BUYING ART Tips for investing in artwork you love By Kelly Cushing   Buying art can be overwhelming and feel intimidating. The notion that art is for the ‘well do to’ and ‘elite’ is not the case. Art is a personal venture, just like the food...


FOR A LIMITED TIME, Get 10% OFF all of Kathy's Artwork.  USE Coupon Code: kathynay EXPIRES April 30, 2021  ARTIST EXPOSE: Kathy Nay   Who are you and what do you do? I am Kathy Nay and I am a watercolour and acrylic artist. Kathy NayHeritage Apples How do...

ARTIST EXPOSE: Jessie Somers

FOR A LIMITED TIME, Get 15% OFF all of Jessie's pieces.  EXPIRES MARCH 31, 2021  ARTIST EXPOSE: Jessie Somers   What jobs have you done other than being an artist? When I'm not in my studio, I work fulltime at an outdoor childcare center in Port Coquitlam. I...


FOR A LIMITED TIME, Get 15% OFF all of TED's pieces.  EXPIRES MARCH 31, 2021ARTIST SHOWCASE: Ted DeMarsh Ted was one of the first artists to join the Art Hive Collective back in May 2020. His abstract nature and use of chopsticks, washers and other objects made his...

Cornerstone Custom Framing Collaborates with The Art Hive

See Our Work At Cornerstone Cornerstone Custom Framing has graciously collaborated with the Art Hive to showcase our artists work. Now we have a place for people to see the art in person. Cornerstone moved earlier in the year to a bigger location and had a large area...

Art Hive Thankful Giveaway

Art Hive Thankful Giveaway A Beautiful Beach Scene by Sabrina Gauthier A Liquid Acrylic Pour on a Gallery Wrapped Canvas. Measures 8x10 inches. Bring a piece of summer into your space. Value $89 Giveaway ends October 21, 2020 Enter today!!! Just follow this...

End of Summer Giveaway

OUR FIRST GIVEAWAY!! THE ART HIVE END OF SUMMER GIVEAWAY!!! A set of 4 Gerber Daisy Coasters on Travertine Tiles and backed with cork. (Value $40) Enter here The Art Hive End of Summer Giveaway A Set of 4 Gerber Daisy Coasters on Travertine Tile. Backed with cork for...

12 Artist and Climbing

12 Artist and Climbing. The past few weeks have been overwhelming, exciting and so much fun. As of today, The Art Hive has 12 artists added and many more inquiries. I have one more to add and another that sent me more products to add. There so far is a jewelry artist...

Call For Artists – What are You WAITING for?

The website is set up, now all we need is more artists to come and participate with us.  See, this is the opposite of how I was planning on doing this. First, it was going to be the storefront, then the website to compliment the gallery. Well, obviously, things...

Why art?

Art is the truest form of self expression. Be it painting, dance or music, all forms of art are important and nurture the soul.

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