The past few weeks have been overwhelming, exciting and so much fun. As of today, The Art Hive has 12 artists added and many more inquiries. I have one more to add and another that sent me more products to add. 

There so far is a jewelry artist (Pamela Hart), a glass artist (Vicki Urbich), a wire tree artist (Bill Cheff), an acrylic pour artist (Jennifer McKay), digital Artist (Tobias Vyseri), Fine Art Artists (Sandra Marshall, Nan Newman, Gail Steel, Collette Pereira), wood and Resin Artist (Corrine Robson) and Photography (Kelly Cushing).

I am including a favorite of mine from each artist to give you a little taste of what you can find at www.thearthivecollective.com

Come take a look and support your local and all handmade artists.

Artwork of

The Art Hive Collective

Kelly Cushing
Vintage White Ford Truck

Collette Pereira
Who Goes There

Pamela Hart
Crazy Lace Agate Wrapped in Copper

Nan Newman
Wild Rose Westerly

Sandra Marshall
Antique Pots

Gail Steel
Frog 2018

Bill Cheff
Copper Tree on Jade

Jennifer McKay
Koi Fish Dreams

Tobias Vyseri
Blue Jay

Vicki Urbich
Fused Glass Poppy

Corrine Robson
Charcuterie Board

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