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Hammer is in a box somewhere. The easiest way to display art and no nail holes, Lean the Art against a chair, shelf, wall. It actually can look very intentional. No one has to know you were feeling lazy.

Do you like changing things up, maybe a picture shelf or a picture rail. Consider adding a shallow picture shelf or a picture rail (a sliver of molding that goes up near the ceiling, from which you can hang your art on hooks and strings—and then change it out whenever you feel like it.) in one of your rooms. It’s a perfect solution for those with constantly changing styles (or the rearrangement bug).

Leave some pieces unframed. Do you have some flea market finds with gorgeous peeling edges and all and want to preserve some of that charm. Or maybe you just want to hang up wispy paper drawings and call it a day? Leaving certain artworks unframed is completely fine, even encouraged. 

Learn the rules then break the rules. 

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Buoys! by Kathy Nay
Unlocked Doorway by Ted DeMarsh
Spirit by Olivia Burrage